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Welcome to the 2015 Season

People have always found joy in listening to live music in inspiring places. Whether it balances your day, inspires you to think differently about the world, transports you to a special place, or helps you celebrate your special occasions. You'll find the perfect reason to connect with your Sydney Symphony Orchestra in the exhilarating 2015 season.




Watch our Season video and see some of the incredible artists we have for you in 2015.


Whether you like the convenience of our specially curated fixed packages, or prefer to hand-pick your favourite concerts to create your own perfect package, we have the perfect solution for your musical tastes, schedule and budget. We invite you to explore the 2015 Season, check out the Special Events, explore all the benefits and exclusive privileges that come with being a subscriber. You can check out our suggestions if you don't know where to begin, or request a free brochure so you can read it all at your leisure.

It's your season, your orchestra. Join us!

How to book

To renew your subscription online with no changes to your package or seats, simply select Renew Your Subcription. You'll have the opportunity to amend or add a second series, Special Events or CDs to your subscription.



How to renew your existing packages
How to renew your existing packages

If you need help renewing your existing packages online, watch our video tutorial.



If you are a new subscriber, or wish to purchase a different package, select Buy a New Subscription and follow the prompts to make your selections. Connoiseur's Selection packs can't be renewed.



How to buy a new package
How to buy a new package

If you need help buying a new package online, watch our video tutorial.

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