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Andrew Haveron performs Stevenson

01 September, 2020

Concertmaster Andrew Haveron plays from Tim Stevenson's 4 Elegies, in memory of his beloved and talented school teacher.

About the Music

Written by Andrew Haveron

This piece is two of the four Elegies by Tim Stevenson. A fairly obscure British composer to most, but to me he was a very important man.

He was my schoolteacher when I was a teenager and one of those life changing people who really filled me with optimism and the joy of music.

He was a very talented composer and he handed these pieces to me when I was about sixteen in 1991 and said, "See what you think of these...".

Sadly, I am now more than ten years older than he ever was, dying very sadly when he was about 32 years old.

I’ve chosen these particular movements because, like him, I feel they are saying something quite profound, but with a sense of humour. Not too serious, but looking in depth at something.

Filmed by Jay Patel