09 May 2018

Play Your Part: Annual Appeal

My name is Kees Boersma and I have absolutely the best job in the world for me: Principal Double Bass of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

It’s your support that makes my music possible—thank you for being a valued member of our extended musical community, and for playing a leading role in our success. You can donate here.

My passion for music was ignited when I was just 10 years old, standing on top of a wooden crate with my arms wrapped around a double bass stretching upwards for the strings. Looking back, that was the moment that changed my life and launched me into music. It seems like just yesterday, but I’ve now been performing in the Sydney Symphony Orchestra for 29 years.

One of the things I care most about is our regional NSW touring and education, because that’s how I caught the music bug. This year marks our 80th anniversary of touring regional NSW: from Broken Hill to Bathurst, Cobar to Coffs Harbour, and far beyond. I love working with young people in country towns and remote communities, inspiring them to jump up on wooden crates and give music a go, just like me.

Every time you donate you’re helping us to fund these programs and do much, much more: tour NSW and engage nearly 25,000 kids, train the next generation of professional musicians through our Fellowship Program, perform live for almost 350,000 people in concert halls, hospitals, schools, and prisons, and tour the world as Australia’s flagship orchestra and leadership cultural ambassador for our country.

You can donate here.

Ultimately, I believe that music is a joy to be shared. When I was a child, someone shared their love for the double bass with me, and my life changed forever. Today, I spend my time sharing my own passion for music with the next generation. As an audience member, you share your passion for music with others and as a supporter, you make this cycle of sharing possible across the generations. Thank you for being a member of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra family, and I look forward to seeing you at a concert again soon. We truly appreciate your support.

–Kees Boersma, Principal Double Bass

Play Your Part: Annual Appeal