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10 NOV 2017

Our auction: bid to win a crash course in conducting from David Robertson!

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have a whole orchestra at your fingertips then you could be in luck this Christmas, says our Philanthropy Manager Jennifer Drysdale.

“The chance to be our Chief Conductor and Artistic Director David Robertson for five minutes is just one of the prizes in our holiday gift auction to raise money for our Learning and Engagement programs,” Drysdale says. “With the bid starting at $5000, this prize gives one person a backstage pass to the Sydney Opera House where they’ll be met by David Robertson and shown how to use that tiny stick (the baton) to communicate with the orchestra. They’ll get to step on the podium and conduct the whole orchestra for five minutes!”

But if the thought of having more than 60 musicians looking up at you is a little daunting, there are many other experiences to bid on, ranging from a bike-riding tour of Sydney with SSO double bass players Kees Boersma and David Campbell, to a three-course dinner cooked by our oboe section in your home, and having your portrait painted by our Principal Oboe Diana Doherty.

It’s not uncommon for Doherty, who began painting more than a decade ago, to spend some of her down time working a big canvas to the sounds of Conversations on ABC 702 on the radio. Doherty will visit the winning bidder at their home to have a chat and take some photos before painting their almost life-size portrait.

Young Henrys

Image: Christie Brewster

Other prizes include a harp lesson with Principal Harp Louise Johnson, a trip to some Inner West Breweries, including Young Henrys (pictured above), with our horn section and a jewellery-making party with First Violin Anna Skalova.

Drysdale says that every year around the holidays, the SSO asks people to make a much-needed donation in support of its Learning & Engagement program, reaching more than 35,000 people each year.

“This year we asked our musicians: ‘what would you do to help support music education?’,” Drysdale says. “It turns out our musicians have very big hearts and a multitude of hidden talents, which they are volunteering in order to raise help raise money this Christmas.”

The Auction is now closed.

Main image: Keith Saunders


Our auction: bid to win a crash course in conducting from David Robertson!Our auction: bid to win a crash course in conducting from David Robertson!