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04 Dec 2017

What we're sipping this summer

As the concert calendar comes to a close, we asked our musicians about their go-to drinks for cooling down or sitting by the pool.

Diana Doherty, Principal Oboe

My favourite cocktail is anything with lime and mint, for example a Margarita or Mojito – I love that combo. I love the zing of the lime and the freshness of mint, and I like them not too sweet. My best Margarita was the first one which I had just a year ago when I was at my friend’s 50th birthday (it was Mexican themed party). People were bringing around trays of margaritas and I won’t say any more! 

Andrew Haveron, Concertmaster

I quite enjoy cocktails but I’m more of a classic drink kind of guy. I really enjoy Australian wine, Australian beer – craft beers especially – but I’ve recently discovered how tasty some of the local gins can be, something that isn’t the old London flavour that I’m used to. I’m really looking forward to trying a few different Australian flavours of gin and gin and tonic over the summer because it’s a classic but satisfying, refreshing drink that never goes out of fashion.

Shefali Pryor, Associate Principal Oboe

I can’t decide because I have two! My favourite summer cocktail is probably an Aperol Spritz, which I first drank on tour with the orchestra in Italy back in 2008, and other than that, I am a long-time Negroni girl – can’t pass on a Negroni!

Martin Alexander, SSO Viola Fellow

My favourite cocktail is a Margarita. I’m not super into sweet things, so I like the salty twist, and I love tequila! The interesting thing is seeing how different people make margaritas overseas. One of my favourite memories would have been when I was studying over in America and having margaritas with friends in really cold weather because it’s not really a cold weather drink. I really like doing things like that – it’s like having really cold ice cream in cold weather!

Léone Ziegler, First Violin

I’ve had some fantastic cocktails but the best one I’ve had was at the top of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I had one in Neutral Bay that was very similar. It’s really refreshing, and I adore lychees and rosewater – it’s sweet and fun, and perfect for cocktail season! You can’t really beat a Margarita, but I can never go past something a bit more florally or fruity.

Richard Lynn, Double Bass

I think for summer, it’s got to be easy – anything that’s one-to-one-to-one in ratio, like a Negroni, which is gin and vermouth and Campari, or a Margarita, which is tequila, triple sec , and lime juice – anything that can be ripped out quite easily and enjoyed.

Pictured: Young Henrys Tasting Bar in Newtown

What we're sipping this summer