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Thank Goodness For Music!

17 April, 2020

Sydney Symphony Associate Principal Flute Emma Sholl reflects on the power of music in these uncertain times.

Written by Associate Principal Flute Emma Sholl

Music has always been part of my life, and my children’s lives, but in these troubled times I realise how much I turn to it as a bringer of peace, as Holst has it.

After waking, I seem to compulsively check my phone to see the dreadful news that awaits.

My husband and I decided at breakfast today we need a break from the grim reality of it all.

Cue: Alfred Brendel playing Mozart piano sonatas.
And a deep breath.

Currently my kids are playing in our attic and Alfred Brendel plays on, so beautifully, and I can’t help but think it helps to keep my children calm too.

Yesterday was the day I felt the real weight of it all. When dropping off groceries to my parents my kids desperately wanted to give them cuddles and they had to refrain. I'm not sure who was the most heartbroken, I certainly had a teary moment later when thinking about this being the potential reality for months.

Tragic cries from the kids on our departure, no amount of explaining ‘why’ making sense to them in that state, and only one thing that could save us...

Cue: The Frozen 2 soundtrack and a very deep breath from me!

Family bike rides have been a beautiful escape too, and when the sky is clear blue, the temperature a perfect 25, and my children are squealing with delight, it seems very difficult to believe that all is not right with the world.

Cue: Ella Fitzgerald's greatest hits and a deep breath of fresh air.

But then I remember what we’re faced with.

There are a lot of clever people working towards a vaccine I'm sure, and let's hope in the meantime we can be considerate of one another, enjoy the beautiful moments and not lose hope.

Cue: Hillary Hahn playing Beethoven’s Violin concerto.

And another deep breath...