Become a Gold Supporter

Did you know that planning a Sydney Symphony season can take up to four years?

The great artists we bring to Sydney are in world-wide demand. They are the best in the business and orchestras across the globe negotiate fiercely on behalf of audiences in their cities.

This year, we are asking all our subscribers to consider helping us plan for the future by becoming a multi-year Gold Supporter. Your subscription commitment will help us sustain the exceptional performances that are central to the Sydney Symphony experience.

Simply commit your 2020 pack spend again for 2021 as a Double Gold Supporter. Extend your commitment to 2022 to join the Triple Gold Supporter tier.

As a reward, we’ll freeze prices at 2020 levels for you when you book your 2021 Season (Double Gold) and 2022 Season (Triple Gold). In addition, you will receive first priority seating when we return to the Sydney Opera House in 2022.

Email us or call (02) 8215 4600 for more details.