Help create a strong and vibrant future for music.

A message from Roger Benedict, Artistic Director, Sydney Symphony Orchestra Fellowship


"A typical Sydney Symphony Orchestra fellowship applicant will already be playing their instrument at a very high level. They will already have experience performing chamber and orchestral repertoire to an equally high level.

But they will be hungry for the experiences that take them to the next stage, that really prepare them for a career in music, and there is no substitute for the on-the-job training that a leading orchestra like the Sydney Symphony Orchestra can offer.

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra Fellowship Program aims to produce adventurous, inspiring and highly adaptable musicians who can imagine something beyond themselves and help create a strong and vibrant future for music.

As the world changes rapidly around us, so will, by necessity, our profession, and Sydney Symphony Orchestra musicians are committed to making sure that their successors can face that future with courage and confidence. As we celebrate nineteen years of fellowship success, we are as determined as ever to make sure that the best emerging professional musicians are given the best possible chance to succeed. Please come and join us!"