Education Fund

Donate to this fund if you want to bring music to children in the classroom and inspire our audiences of tomorrow.

How does my donation support the Education program?

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra is passionate about connecting meaningfully with audiences and musicians everywhere. Introducing children to the instruments of an orchestra and its resplendent sound, supporting teachers and inspiring learning around Australia is part of teaching the next generation of professional musicians and music lovers.

Under the artistic direction of our Chief Conductor, David Robertson, we offer schools and teachers:

  • Interactive schools concerts specific to all ages and stages of learning
  • Accredited Professional Learning workshops for teachers and content-rich resources for easy implementation in the classroom
  • Community engagement activities through open rehearsals, regional workshops and masterclasses as well as our pop-up music camp Playerlink

Who benefits?

School children across the state benefit from our Education programs. Our schools concerts, held across Sydney and regional NSW, bring music to many who would never have the experience of live classical music and the inspiration and joy it brings.

But it runs deeper. Music is mandatory in NSW primary schools, but in the majority of public schools music is not taught due to the lack of teacher-training and confidence in teaching it. The SSO's TunEd-Up!™ course supports primary school teachers from across the state to develop the musical skills they need. This intensive week long training course is changing the lives of the teachers who participate in the course, the children they teach and, as a result, their communities.

Alex Vanstone from Anson Street School in Orange teaches special needs kids with medium-to-severe intellectual and physical disabilities. She attended our five-day course in January, 2017 to help build her confidence and be “the best teacher possible” in her new role as a non-specialist music teacher.

‘‘Recently I was leading the whole school in assembly and suddenly thought, I can’t believe I’m singing into a mic! And my kids are so happy and engaged! Music transcends any disability.’’

Alex Vanstone, Teacher, Anson Street School