Orchestra Fund

Help bring David Robertson’s artistic vision to life as we constantly strive towards new levels of music-making.

What does the Orchestra Fund do?

The Orchestra Fund supports the Orchestra's on-stage presence and artistic programming and ensures each performance is the absolute best it can be. It covers the cost of augmentation (hiring additional players for large works, or to play less-common instruments), recording, lighting and the behind-scenes staging of our annual concert season.

For example, the sheer scale and special artistic requirements of our Opera in the Concert Hall projects make them enormous undertakings. Without the support of the Orchestra Fund we would be unable to muster the specialist solo voices, creative partners and additional forces these operas require.

What can you do?

Now more than ever, we are calling upon our dedicated subscribers and regular concert-goers to play an important role in the SSO's continued success. You can support our 100+ concert hall performances by supporting the Orchestra Fund.

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