Trusts, Foundations, and Private Ancillary Funds

Supporting your SSO has never been easier.

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra is committed to the promotion and development of Australia’s cultural identity. Recognised internationally as the nation’s premier symphonic orchestra and cultural export, the positive impact of our programs is felt, seen, and heard in communities and musical organisations across Australia and around the world.  Independent evaluations have proven the strength and success of our programs, and their positive influence on the lives of participants.

Program focus areas include:

To continue this vital work, our programs need your support.

Many donors and private philanthropic organisations opt to support our programs on an ongoing basis via family or personal trusts and foundations, or through private ancillary funds (‘PAFs’).

To support your SSO or for further information regarding our programs and giving through a Trust, Foundation, or PAF, please contact:

Lizzi Nicoll
Director of External Affairs
(02) 8215 4667