Vanguard: the Sydney Symphony... but different

Sydney Symphony Vanguard is an adventurous way to demonstrate your commitment to supporting a secure future for orchestral music and live performance.

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Our 2019 Vanguard Open Rehearsals and Offsite Events.

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Meet the Vanguard Collective

Get to know Sydney Symphony Vanguard’s biggest fans.

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Meet the Vanguard Members

An A-Z list of our musically curious community.

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A membership program for the musically curious, Vanguard is your ticket to join the Sydney Symphony community. You’ll meet like-minded and passionate music lovers and you will play a key role in supporting a range of special projects that ensure the Sydney Symphony continues to grow as the nation’s leading community of musicians.


2019 Membership of Vanguard is $750. 

For more information or to join the Sydney Symphony Vanguard please contact:
Mihka Chee, External Affairs Officer

Phone: (02) 8215 4614

The Perfect Brew

Young Henrys and Sydney Symphony Vanguard were destined to be partners. Young Henrys Co-Founder/Director, Oscar McMahon, talks about all things music, beer, hospitality and the world around him. 

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Music in a Car Park

The vision for SSO Vanguard was to create a membership program of philanthropists and take classical music out of the concert hall and in to diverse spaces around Sydney. So, we put on an epic party… in a car park!

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