Management & Staff

Chief Executive Officer
Emma Dunch

Executive Administrator
Lisa Davies-Galli

Artistic Operations

Director of Artistic Planning
Raff Wilson

Artistic Planning Manager
Sam Torrens

Artistic Administration

Artist Liaison Manager
Ilmar Leetberg


Library Manager
Alastair McKean

Victoria Grant

Mary-Ann Mead

Learning & Engagement

Director of Learning and Engagement
Linda Lorenza

Emerging Artist Program Manager
Rachel McLarin

Education Manager
Amy Walsh
Tim Walsh

Education Officer
Laura Andrew

Orchestra Management

Director of Orchestra Management
Aernout Kerbert

Orchestra Manager
Rachel Whealy

Orchestra Coordinator
Rosie Marks-Smith

Operations Manager
Kerry-Anne Cook

Head of Production
Jack Woods

Stage Manager 
Suzanne Tunchon

Production Coordinator
Elissa Seed

Production Coordinator
Brendon Taylor

Head of Commercial Programming
Mark Sutcliffe

Sales & Marketing

Director of Sales & Marketing
Mark Elliott


Marketing Manager, Subscription Sales
Simon Crossley-Meates 

A/Senior Sales & Marketing Manager
Matthew Rive

Marketing Coordinator
Douglas Emery

Marketing Manager, CRM
Lynn McLaughlin

Marketing Manager, Digital and Online Media
Meera Gooley

Design Lead
Tessa Conn


Publications Editor & Music Presentation Manager
Yvonne Frindle

Box Office

Head of Ticketing
Emma Burgess

Box Office Sales and Systems Manager
Joshua Ransom

Customer Service Representative
Michael Dowling

Customer Service Representative
Shareeka Helaluddin

External Affairs

Director of External Affairs
Lizzi Nicoll

Corporate Relations

Chief Corporate Relations Officer
Tom Carrig

A/Head of Corporate Relations
Benjamin Moh

Corporate Relations Coordinator
Mihka Chee


Head of Communications
Bridget Cormack

Alyssa Lim

Multimedia Content Producer
Daniela Testa


Chief Philanthropy Officer
Lindsay Robinson

Philanthropy Manager
Jennifer Drysdale

Patrons Executive
Claire Whittle

Philanthropy Coordinator
Alex Norden

Business Services

Director of Finance
John Horn

Interim Director of Finance
Christopher Brennan

Finance Manager
Ruth Tolentino

Minerva Prescott

Accounts Assistant
Emma Ferrer

Payroll Officer
Laura Soutter

People and Culture

In-house Counsel
Michel Hryce

Legal Intern
Georgie Hannam