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Ben Robertson's Frequen Round

20 November, 2020

Ben Robertson’s upbeat and bright composition, ‘Frequen Round’, inspired this at-home collaboration with his long-time friend – Sydney Symphony’s Principal Double Bass, Kees Boersma. Although they’re states apart, Ben’s cheery canon brought the duo together again.

About the Music

Written by Kees Boersma and Ben Robertson

Musicians everywhere are reflecting on the challenges this long period of musical isolation has presented.

Not being able to play live concerts for all this time has encouraged us to find other ways of collaborating with colleagues and this project has been a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with my good friend Ben. We studied together at the Victorian College of the Arts and have since both been fully absorbed in our respective careers – he is a fabulous jazz musician, and I dived deep into classical music – with very little interaction until late last year. Ben wrote Frequen Round as a vehicle for both us to be involved together creatively, even though we live 1000km away from each other.

The piece explores the shifting qualities of a 3/2 time signature and the complimentary natures of pizzicato and arco (bowed) articulations.

Thanks to the technology available now, it did actually feel we were playing next to each other in our backyards.

We hope you enjoy it!