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Chamber Sounds with Ben Folds

17 September, 2020

Chamber Sounds #10. Watch the one and only Ben Folds and musicians from the Sydney Symphony collaborate on a spontaneously composed piece of music.

Series: Chamber Sounds
On Demand from: 17 September 2020
Featuring: Ben Folds, Georges Lentz, Alex Norton, Rosemary Curtin, Tim Nankervis, Jaan Pallandi, Diana Doherty, Alex Morris, Rebecca Lagos, Timothy Constable

Filmed with the support of our partners at City Recital Hall.

About the Music

Using lyrics submitted by poetry competition winner Matthew Galer as their inspiration, Ben Folds and the musicians worked together for 25 minutes to create and perform the final result.

As Ben eloquently phrases it, “we’re making it up as we go along”.

Lyrics by Matthew Galer

When all of this is over
and we're gifted a new start
I hope we keep in touch like we did
when we were kept apart.