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David Elton plays Haydn

15 March, 2022

Bright and uplifting.

Hear the dazzling finale of Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto, performed by Sydney Symphony Principal Trumpet, David Elton.

Written at a time when changes to the design of the instrument were allowing trumpet players to do things that were previously impossible, Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto shows off the skills and abilities of the soloist.

It was to be Haydn's last major orchestral work, and you can hear all of his experience and mastery play out in this sublime work - especially when performed by our brilliant Principal Trumpet, David Elton, who demonstrates his beautiful tone and astonishing control in the third and final movement of the piece.

In the finale, the orchestra – here, masterfully covered by pianist Benjamin Kopp – opens with a bright and buoyant melody. The high spirits continue with the entrance of the trumpet, which shines in the punchy and virtuosic music that follows.