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Schumann’s Three Romances

13 November, 2020

The graceful melody of Schumann’s Three Romances makes it a staple for oboists. It's also Schumann's only composition for oboe. Principal Oboe Diana Doherty and Oboe Fellow Callum Hogan collaborated to perform this pillar of their instrument’s repertoire as an at-home performance for the Australasian Double Reed Society.

About the Music

Written by Diana Doherty

This short Romance Op.94 by Robert Schumann, one of three originally written for oboe and piano, is a pillar of the repertoire and one that we study, perform and teach many times throughout our careers as oboists.

Alexandre Oguey (Principal Cor Anglais) had arranged the Romances for two oboes some time ago to play along with students. This year I had fun working on these duos with our current Oboe Fellow Callum Hogan.

We recorded all three and included them with discussion in an online presentation at the annual conference of the Australasian Double Reed Society in September.

Callum has done a great job this year, in spite of the strange turn the year took, and it’s a real pleasure to feature him here on the solo line.