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Our First Rehearsals Back

18 July, 2022

“It exceeded all expectations!” The renewed Concert Hall blew our musicians away.

Written by Hugh Robertson

This June, the Orchestra finally got to rehearse in the renewed Sydney Opera House Concert Hall – and the improvements in the sound were better than anyone had dared to dream!

The renewal of the Concert Hall includes new specially-designed acoustic reflectors above the stage and special acoustic panelling on the front of the boxes, meaning the sound will be brighter, cleaner and travel further than ever before. There has also been a total overhaul of the stage, with built-in hydraulic risers meaning our musicians will be able to hear – and see – each other like never before.

The experience was quite profound and moving for many of our musicians. Our new Chief Conductor Simone Young, who as a young girl growing up in Sydney watched the Opera House be built, and who has performed in so many of the world’s great concert halls, said: “we now have a Concert Hall stage that is a real, acoustic, world-class space.”

We hope you will come and experience the splendour of the renewed Concert Hall for yourself at one of our upcoming performances.

Scroll through the gallery from rehearsals where we tested the new acoustic space and read some insights from our musicians.