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Mob Tickets

These shows are offering Mob Tickets for First Nations audiences

Mob Tickets is a special allocation of discounted tickets for First Nations people for selected Sydney Symphony concerts.

Hurry, get your tickets today!

Spinifex Gum & the Sydney Symphony

Experience the high energy and impact of this hauntingly beautiful new project that highlights the injustices faced by Indigenous Australians.

Wednesday 21 June 2023, 7pm

2023 Spinifex Gum Gallery

Black Panther in Concert

For the first time in Australia, relive the excitement of Black Panther when the Sydney Symphony Orchestra performs Ludwig Göransson’s Oscar®-winning score live to film, conducted by Anthony Parnther with percussion by Massamba Diop.

Thursday 27 July 2023, 7pm | Friday 28 July 2023, 7pm | Saturday 29 July 2023, 7pm

2023 Black Panther Gallery

Mob Tickets are made possible through the generous support of Dr. Rachel Oberon