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Meet the Music

For Stages 5 & 6

Designed to fit every school’s learning program, our Meet the Music series gives your students the chance to experience firsthand what they’ve explored in class.

Beneath every music piece are layers of creativity and emotion – all waiting to be discovered in the moment.

It’s the opportunity to see the most in-demand artists in action and visit the iconic and superbly renewed Concert Hall at the Sydney Opera House.

Our Meet the Music series has concluded for 2023. Stay tuned for further updates on our 2024 Season.

“Whenever a student comes out of any live learning experience with eyes shining exclaiming, ‘That was awesome!’ then you know it was worth going.” Teacher, Meet the Music survey

Free Teacher Resource Kits

Discover more about music! Our free Teacher Resource Kits give you access to background information on key pieces, score excerpts, fun lesson plans and digital recordings. These kits are available for each of our Meet the Music concerts.