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Subscriber Benefits Program

Reach our loyal audience whilst providing value to our subscribers

About the Subscriber Benefits Program

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra Subscriber Benefits Program is a program of benefits on goods and services that you get when purchasing a subscription with the Sydney Symphony. Our subscriptions are a set of 3+ concerts spanning across the entire year. Our subscribers use these benefits for pre-concert and post-concert entertainment, and all year round with their families. It is a much-loved part of being a subscriber, enjoying these benefits alongside their live music experiences.

Reaching our Subscribers and Ticket Holders

Sydney Symphony subscribers are a highly engaged segment of people that enjoy regular live experiences throughout the year. The benefits program they receive as part of their subscription is a great way to put your brand in front of them, whilst being associated with their trusted brand: the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

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Become a Partner of the Subscriber Benefits Program

You can become a Partner of the Subscriber Benefits Program by providing discounted goods or services as a benefit to our subscribers. Be associated with a historic brand and drive traffic to your site.

Or contact us:

Morgan Merrell
Head of Corporate Relations
(02) 8215 4676