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Schools Concerts

For Stages 1–4

In our interactive series, students have the chance to escape the classroom and discover what music is really about.

Feel nature’s power

Vivaldi's Four Seasons

Wind rustling the leaves. Summer storms. Birds singing at dawn. In this series, we explore joyful melodies inspired by the natural world – including the extraordinary diversity of plants and animals with which we share the planet – and the delicate balance needed for harmonious coexistence.

Often a student’s first encounter with an orchestra, these one-hour concerts are a brilliant way to inspire the next generation of musicians and music lovers.

Designed with the NSW music curriculum in mind, each concert includes a Teacher Resource Kit and lesson plans.

Riverside Theatre, Parramatta

K–2: 2 & 3 March
2 & 4 March
3 & 4 March

City Recital Hall

K–6: 10 & 11 August
12 August

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