25 June 2020

Joshua Batty plays Georges Hüe’s Fantaisie

Georges Hüe’s Fantaisie started life as a test piece for the Paris Conservatoire exams in 1913.

Nowadays Hüe (1858–1948) is pretty obscure, but in his lifetime he was quite successful. His Shakespearean opera Titania was admired by Debussy, and a later opera about the conflict between socialism and the Catholic Church had a good public reception.

The charming Fantaisie is his best-known piece, though, and naturally it’s played by our Principal Flute, Joshua Batty, and pianist Evan Streater without a hint of the stresses of end-of-year cramming.

Special thanks to our Gold Partner, Theme & Variations Piano Services for welcoming Joshua and Evan to their studio.

Joshua Batty plays Georges Hüe’s Fantaisie