30 March 2020

Teachers Kit: Music of the Oud

With music teachers in mind, we’ll be sharing content shaped around the current syllabus to help you keep your virtual classroom inspiring. Each week we’ll be releasing a variety of teachers kits, classroom activities and resources free of charge during this period.

Last year, Joseph Tawadros and his brother James performed with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra for hundreds of music students at the Opera House to classrooms across Australia via livestream, showcasing the Egyptian oud. We sat down with Joseph to discuss the building blocks of Arabic music how his compositions fuse traditional Arabic elements with a variety of Western genres, including Blues, Baroque and Grunge Rock.

This concert is an outstanding resource for students studying Music of a Culture or An Instrument and its Repertoire.

This concert is available to watch in full here.  

We’ve made our Teacher Resource Kit free of charge in recognition of the challenges faced by students and our wider school community. Please download your complimentary copy.