18 June 2020

Telemann’s Gulliver’s Suite for two violins

Inspired by Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, violinists Sophie Cole and Victoria Bihun first played this delightful piece last year as part of our exciting 2020 Season launch.

They were looking for to perform a duet that wasn’t as well known and were drawn to this one not only for its beauty but the humour behind the suite. Unbeknownst to the audience, the sheet music is riddled with visual gags for the musicians.

Keeping motivated to practise in lockdown, Sophie made the conscious effort to perform a daily ‘concert’ from her front deck for dogwalkers and passers-by. But Victoria wasn’t overly enthused about continuing her regular concerts for her houseplants. So, the duo was excited to be reunited and perform for a new audience, not having seen each other since our last performance at Sydney Town Hall in mid-March!

Here are Sophie and Victoria reviving their performance of Telemann’s Gulliver’s Suite for two violins.

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