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St James’ Music Lunchtime Concert

Sydney Symphony Orchestra Fellowship 2022

Mozart at his lyrical best, with each instrument sharing a role in this bright and elegant music.

*$10 tickets at the door

Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet opens with an elegant and graceful melody from the strings before the introduction of the clarinet with a flourish, setting the tone for the music that follows.

The flute joins the string quartet for Joan Tower’s Rising, which explores the idea of music “going up” – building in tempo and volume, climbing and rising to powerful climactic moments.

The strings have a moment to themselves in Dvořák’s Nocturne. As its name suggests, there’s a nocturnal quality to this music – quietly expressive, passionate yet intimate, and a little dreamy. Ravel’s Introduction & Allegro continues the dreamy mood established by Dvořák, with the harp adding a touch of magic to the ensemble of flute, clarinet and strings. The music gathers momentum after a gentle introduction, but retains a breezy quality throughout, whirling to a climax in the middle before a bright and ecstatic finale.


MOZART Clarinet Quintet
Nocturne in B
Introduction & Allegro


Featuring the musicians of the Sydney Symphony Fellowship 2022:
VIOLIN Amanda Chen
CELLO Noah Oshiro
DOUBLE BASS Hayley Witmore
FLUTE Emilia Antcliff
CLARINET Olivia Hans-Rosenbaum
Sydney Symphony musicians:
VIOLIN Lerida Delbridge
VIOLA Justin Williams
Guest Musician:
HARP Melina van Leeuwen

Tickets for this event can be purchased at the door on the day for $10. All proceeds go towards St James Church.