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Fellowship Alumni

In 2016, an independent report from BYP group found that the SSO Fellowship program is addressing an unmet need in the Australian orchestral sector and that 86% of alumni since the program started in 2001 are working in symphony orchestras around Australia and internationally.

The report also found that survey respondents almost unanimously agreed that the experience had been important or very important to their career (91%). Here is what some of our alumni have to say about the impact the SSO Fellowship has had on their careers.


‘‘The Fellowship year was an intense experience and it was really inspiring to work in such a motivated and cohesive group towards common goals. We were encouraged to demand professional standards of ourselves within a nurturing environment. It has given me the opportunity and confidence to successfully make the leap/transition from finishing my studies to working in the professional world.’’

Emily Long, SSO FIrst Violin. FEllowship 2005

SSO Fellowship Applications

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Applications for 2019 Fellowship are now open! Jump-start your orchestral career and become an SSO Fellow. 


Meet the Fellows

My Year as an SSO Fellow

Fellowship alumna Bridget O'Donnell on performing with the SSO and playing with violin legend Pinchas Zukerman.


What is the SSO Fellowship

What is the SSO Fellowship?

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra Fellowship is recognised as one of the world's leading orchestral training programs.